Being interviewed at “Interpelados*”, a regional TV show – and looking super serious

Can you believe I never had a chance to see this? I found it by googling myself (yeah I do that sometimes) just a few days ago. In September 2012 I was a guest at a live broadcast of a local TV Show in Salta, northern Argentina. I had been interviewed before but never on a political opinion show, so this was quite interesting. I was in Salta for the Argentina Mining Convention, which I used to run (now managed by my fabulous brother, as I’ve mentioned in the about me page). It used to be a very tiring marathon to do this conference but I keep some very lovely memories from those times.

The whole program (this video is just a section) is in Spanish but if you are curious, activate closed captions (here’s how to do it), and you can go to settings and click on autotranslate; it is not a perfect translation but you can have an idea. But the reason I am posting this is because I got such a shock to see how serious I look here! I don’t look like this anymore, thanks to my lovely adoptive home.

I basically talk about the conference, and about some of the perceptions that a portion of the Argentinean population has about the mining industry, and how it can generate lots of development for the communities near the projects. Have a look below:

*translates to being interviewed, somewhat seriously. So I get it now how it was perfect ha!





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