Introducing Accelerate! by Synergy – a free resource for entrepreneurs

Accelerate! by Synergy is a free resource for entrepreneurs and owners of assets (especially those seeking investors, a buyer or partner), aimed at assisting them in their journey towards growth and expansion. It was created in 2020 by Synergy Resource Capital.

From educational videos, interesting articles, checklists, and other useful materials, to Q&A with members of our team and advisors, as well as showcasing interesting start-ups to keep an eye on, a plethora of tools will be produced and curated on Synergy’s website and shared over the firm’s social media channels and a variety of platforms, to expand its reach.

In the series’ first Adhoc resource, I discuss the overly controversial topic of co-founders and giving entrepreneurs advice on best practices to go forward when choosing one. You can access the first video of this series here.

Join to be informed as new content is released or to be considered for the showcase.


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