What is currently driving you and your business? 🚗 💓 | Accelerate! by Synergy

If the answer is YOU, and not what others think then you’ve got it sorted. Be the driver (and in style, if possible! 😆).

If you are driving, then you’ve got a clear vision on where you’re going, and even if you don’t know exactly how to get there, you trust yourself enough to take the next step. Once you get moving, the rest of the path will unfold.

Improve daily, listen to well intentioned opinions, but always make your own decisions.

When something painful happens, find the lesson. There’s always a silver lining.

Will you drive today?

And that is it from me, today. If you enjoyed this piece, consider following me here or, even better, on Twitter, where I’m most active. Until next time!

I’m Paola Rojas. I write about emerging startups and small-cap stocks, in natural resources (mostly mining) & tech. I am a corporate advisor & investor, and CEO @ Synergy Resource Capital. 


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