New Video Upload : CEO Talks • Global Energy Metals: a TSX-V listed battery metals stock to watch

CEO Talks • Global Energy Metals: a TSX-V listed battery metals stock to watch
CEO Talks on Battery Metals: Twitter Space & Livestream with Mitch Smith, CEO of Global Energy Metals, TSX-V:GEMC

Welcome to a new series of interactive talks with CEOs to discuss trends in thematic investing while we get to know them better. Sectors covered will range from natural resources (especially mining, and energy) to technology, and guests will be leaders from listed issuers to startups and privately held companies. The idea is to shift away from a traditional presentation format, to a more unstructured conversation with the participation of the audience.

We will start with a general overview, then we will talk about our guest and the company, and we will close with live questions or those submitted in writing.

Today we’ll be talking about battery metals and the global trends that underpin the EV revolution.

Let’s get started!

To cover this exciting topic, we’re chatting with Mitch Smith, CEO of Global Energy Metals, a TSX-V listed company that offers investment exposure to the growing rechargeable battery and electric vehicle market.

Note: we had to restart due to some tech issues with the Twitter Space.
00:00 Going live
13:02 Second start
1:00:00 Sign off

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