New Video Upload : Lithium investing… are you in? Part 1: ASX. This week’s edition up on Synergy’s channel #shorts

Lithium investing… are you in? Part 1: ASX. This week’s edition up on Synergy’s channel #shorts
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This week’s commentary relates to lithium investing in Australia.

Mining companies have been roughly about 30% of listed entities on the Australian Stock Exchange, at least since we started tracking them, back in 2014. This makes Materials the most crowded sector in the exchange, translating into 674 companies… A growing number of these are focused on lithium, the chemical element that underpins the electric vehicle revolution.

We routinely talk about lithium, having worked in the space for over a decade. So let’s look into this.

Full video: Lithium investing… Are you in? Part 1: ASX | The Weekly by Synergy: March 29, 2021

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