5 cornerstone concepts for every mining investor | Paola Rojas’ Blog – Issue #1

Hey hey! It’s Sunday so let’s grab a cup of coffee* and dig in.

It’s been an interesting few weeks in the markets.

From Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse sharing bearish views on lithium (meanwhile GS is piling on developers like Lithium Americas, again! If you missed it, I did a breakdown here) to FTX, a crypto exchange, falling apart spectacularly, with ups and downs everywhere, there’s been no respite for investors worldwide.

Goldman Sachs Research, November 2022: ‘Supply response in the lithium market will outpace the massive demand growth.’

Whether you’re getting some bargains or waiting on the sidelines with all the uncertainty and volatility, one thing is true: it is always the perfect moment to improve your skills and learn more about the themes and industries you care about.

In my opinion, all mining investors (or those wanting to enter the sector) need at least a basic knowledge of these 5 crucial concepts:

  • The difference between resources and reserves
  • The range of deposit types and associated minerals
  • The variety of economic studies
  • The main drilling techniques and characteristics
  • The full mining industry’s lifecycle

If you already do, you’ve got a huge advantage in the game. What a legend!

If you don’t, I’ll tell you a little secret… I recently covered these in the featured thread below. Dive right in and tell me if it helps!

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday!

PS: If you still have some coffee left, I’ve included a few extra pieces that you may also enjoy reading below.

Featured thread

Every week I publish a new thread with actionable tips, ideas, or concepts for investors. Here’s a good one:

Last week on my blog

You may have missed this piece – so here you go:

Lithium ‘charges on’… but these 4 challenges lie ahead for the battery metal – PAOLA ROJAS' BLOG Lithium ‘charges on’… but these 4 challenges lie ahead for the battery metal – PAOLA ROJAS’ BLOGpaolarojas.blog

Lithium is widely found on earth, but to date, the market is still learning to grow and many challenges lie ahead…

Last week’s most popular tweet

I tweet daily and love keeping track of what resonates the most as I feel it’s a great indication of investor sentiment. This tweet got the most engagement overall:

A gem from the archives

I wrote this piece a while back but since it’s still 100% relevant here it is, in case you missed it or want to read it again:

‘Resources vs Reserves 101’ – an easy guide for mining investors – PAOLA ROJAS' BLOG ‘Resources vs Reserves 101’ – an easy guide for mining investors – PAOLA ROJAS’ BLOGpaolarojas.blog

Understanding the difference between mineral resources & reserves is key to investing in mining and metals. Here’s your ‘Resources vs Reserves 101’ to help you interpret news releases and reports…

*or your drink of choice!

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