Let’s understand the value of these deposits, shall we? | Paola Rojas’ Blog – Issue #2

Hey hey! It’s Sunday so let’s grab a cup of coffee* and dig in.

Value is in the eye of the beholder. Kind of.

Economic studies are how we put a value on both reserves and resources. From the rough strokes we get from a scoping study, to PEAs and beyond, clarity improves and certainty rises. Here’s the definition for PEA:

‘a study that includes an economic analysis on the potential viability of mineral resources taken at an early stage of the project, prior to the completion of a preliminary feasibility study’ -CIM

All great things, right? Yes… but studies can be terribly nuanced and potential risks can be hidden in the complexity.

I believe all mining investors (or those contemplating the sector) need at least a basic knowledge of the different types of economic studies, and more specifically:

  • Their main goals
  • Typical timelines for completion
  • The expected outcomes in each step
  • The accuracy we can expect from each study
  • The range of costs traditionally associated with completion

This will help you predict and prepare for positive (and negative) impacts in your portfolio.

If you already mastered these, you’ve got a huge advantage in the game. What a legend!

If you haven’t, I’ll tell you a little secret… I recently covered these in the featured thread below. Dive right in and tell me if it helps!

That’s it for today. Happy Sunday!

PS: If you still have some coffee left, I’ve included a few extra pieces that you may also enjoy reading below.

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Lithium is the core of the batteries we use daily. All critical metals will continue expanding as the energy transition speeds up.

Last week’s most popular tweet

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