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All mines have a finite life, also called life of mine -LOM-.

This implies the industry is always racing to replace production with new reserves. And this is hard work that takes years (and sometimes even decades). Thus, the mining lifecycle is a complex, multi-year cycle that involves many steps and activities, ranging from high to low risk, focused on exploration to engineering and more. Ultimately, the cycle is aimed at producing for as long as possible.

‘Extending the mining life cycle translates to an investment that creates value for much longer than would otherwise be expected.’ —Albert Lu

Understanding the cycle will help you define an investment horizon that matches your investment goals, and gives you the best chances for success.

I believe all mining investors (or those wanting to enter the sector) need at least a basic understanding of the cycle, including:

  • The ideal outcomes
  • Which activities will be in focus
  • The typical duration & sequence of each phase
  • The main processing methods available to developers
  • The type of information you can expect the company to report

Ultimately, this knowledge will also help reduce the gap between expectations and reality, limiting frustration that causes so many investors to exit a position prematurely.

If you already are clear on this, you’ve got a huge advantage in the game. What a legend!

If you don’t, I’ll tell you a little secret… I recently covered these in the featured thread below. Dive right in and tell me if it helps!

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