The Argentinean conundrum: Is it time to go back?

It’s been only 70 days since Mauricio Macri took office, Argentina’s 53rd president, and already the mining industry can celebrate pro-business policies being put forward boldly and without hesitation, as promised during his campaign. The currency controls were lifted swiftly –as I always said they would, but frankly I never thought it would take so … Continue reading The Argentinean conundrum: Is it time to go back?

Holiday thoughts and New Year’s resolutions

Hello again! Second post out today, and I'm quite happy to see lots of views and clicks from my last one. It is that wonderful time of the year again, when aside from spending time with family & friends -and eat and/or drink lots- we do a quick check to ponder whether we did well … Continue reading Holiday thoughts and New Year’s resolutions