As investors, we must constantly improve our process to get better outcomes.

Here are some of my favourite tools to review, analyse and track investments.


TradingView is where I do all my technical analysis.

So many different tools, views and ways to track.

My favourite? Adding a tweet to a chart!

Try it and tell me if you love it.

Tax Reporting

Sharesight is such a brilliant product.

Keep your portfolio organised, and properly report dividends and trades.

Would not invest without it!

Data collection and analysis

I had been a big fan of relational database for years, using Access for some complex tasks. But then, cloud systems evolved and Access not so much.

I got introduced to Airtable via my work with Blackbird Ventures and I fell in love!

A relational database that gives you the power to dive deeper into data to derive powerful insights, while making it easier to use and collaborate.

I would not live without it.

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