As investors, we must continue learning and improving. If you love keeping up to date and want some seriously insightful sources of wisdom and knowledge, these books are a great place to start.

Mining Exploration and Mining Essentials

An overview of the industry, common jargon and how to interpret crucial concepts.

Sections on basic geology concepts, typical business practices, and how to interpret news releases to make its focus based in solid theory yet fully practical.

You’ll find it useful if you’re just starting out, and if you’ve been investing for a while, there are a lot more layers to peel off.

I got this book when I took Rob’s training back in 2012 and still use it today. Later on, we even brought his training to South America.


The Mining Valuation Handbook

Want to flex your valuation muscles?

Then this book will help. Detailed and to the point but with plenty of examples.

Bought it a few years ago and still use it regularly.

Recommended for experienced investors.

The Mining Valuation Handbook

This book is a manual for geology students, but investors seeking a more in-depth view can certainly benefit.

The graphics are stunning and clearly articulate the concepts.

Intrepid Explorer: The Autobiography of the World’s Best Mine Finder

David Lowell is one of the most successful explorers globally.

He has found multiple world-class deposits, including Escondida, in Chile, which has been producing copper since the 80s.

This is a priceless window into his story.

PS: My dad and his brother, Nelson, were part of David’s discovery team.

Dictionary of Geology & Mineralogy

If you find yourself puzzled when reading news releases or technical reports by jargon, this is a quick hack: just get this dictionary on your Kindle account and carry its quick knowledge on your phone like me!

PS: also available as hardcopy if you’re more of a paper book fan.

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