So it begins…

Sometimes, inspiration comes in successive stages, or waves. Other times, it is just a quantum moment of clarity. I’ve had plenty of both but the reason I decided to start this blog is the latter.

After so many years working in the resources sector -since 2000- I’ve realised there were many thoughts and ideas about my profession that escape the confinements of the strictly corporate world; I always felt I had more to say. This industry, committed to finding, extracting and processing the minerals the world needs, also brings development and improved quality of life to remote areas that would not receive any sort of investment otherwise. Increased environmental concerns have pushed the sector to improve its technology, and although costly it is undoubtedly what every industry should do. But the fact remains, the resource sector is responsible for bringing infrastructure and progress, and most countries in Latin America are keen to not only foster that investment and work with companies to develop mineral and energy resources, but to also get guidance on how to better translate such riches into roads, power stations, access to water, and other amenities most developed nations already have.

Minerals are all around us. Source: The More You Dig

My career started as an architect. I say that is the reason for me everything is, and always will be, a project. After architecture school, I briefly worked in residential design and soon started a mining consulting firm in Argentina with my family. We started small, yet in a few years, at the peak of the resource boom, we were operating in four countries and had over 60 people working with us. It was an exciting and busy time; I learned so much, from my clients, partners, coworkers and of course from the communities that lived near the projects we got to work on. Almost 4 years ago I moved to Sydney and did another shift, aiming to refocus on the financial side of the mining business, going back to school. It was tough at times being a student while juggling work and living in another country, but I’m glad I made that decision.

The lovely Bondi Beach in Sydney

My journey has been anything but linear… but every detour has shown me there is much more to life than most of us think. And that is a fantastic thing. I feel lucky to be able to act as a bridge between the capital markets and Latin America, and contribute my grain of sand.

So welcome to my blog, Connecting for Growth, where I will talk about mining, investing, Latin America, development, politics, communities and more of what I am passionate about. I hope you enjoy my musings.

Happy Holidays!

Paola Rojas
December 2015


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