Do you know where you come from?

Many people think that you cannot know where you are going until you know where you’ve been. I believe there is a certain degree of truth in that statement.

My parents & their parents were born in Chile; my dad in the north and my mom in Santiago, its capital. From my mother’s side, we discovered a picture of her great-grandfather -who looks exactly like my brother when he was in his 20s- and we heard some tidbits from one of her cousins, Maggie. She said that he was a naval engineer and served in the Navy, and studied in Hamburg and that his mother was French and his dad was British. On my father’s side, however, we have no real clues as there is a tale that says that one of our ancestors was adopted into the Rojas family…. so it is uncertain whether we will know more.

Hence, I’ve decided to peak a little bit into my origins and… get a DNA test! Will be also starting to research about my family with what I know and talk to other relatives. We shall see what clues we can get into where I am going!

I will keep you updated on my findings!



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