Peace. Being present. Joy.

We think these are hard to find, but when we pay close attention to our intuition the signals are clear. I had always liked seeing yachts from a distance, until one time in Vancouver, back in 2006, when my dad and I got invited to join some friends for a race. It felt like a dream come true! But back in Argentina, I used to live by the mountains, so years went by until I had another chance at sailing…

Fast forward to 2013, I was living right near the yacht club that hosts the Sydney to Hobart race, CYCA, the @cruising_yacht_club_australia, and the universe intervened. One catch up with a friend at the club was all it took. Just get near what interests you, and amazing things will happen.

I’ve been sailing since the week after that day. Even when we’re working hard trimming the sails, or in the middle of a tack, all I can feel is this insane calmness. I am there 100%. Nothing else matters, for a couple of hours, the focus is then and there.

Do you have something that centers you?

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