“Choices” (did I hear anyone ask for some poetry?)

I believe in the power of choices.
Who we are, and what we become, is a result of those choices, small and big.

I believe in intuition.
If you dare to look really hard into your own soul, you will find the answers you seek.

I believe in dreams.
If you are brave enough, your path may lead to that desire you keep in the corner, hidden.

I believe in analysis.
Because sometimes, decisions must be logical.

I believe in taking risks.
Other times, you just need to feel and jump in, without knowing or caring, if there is a safety net below.

But above all, I believe the worst risk you can take is not to get out and follow your dreams. You may get rejected, and doors may be slammed in your face. But you will never succeed if you don’t try.

Mendoza, Argentina
December 2011


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