These 9 mining project platforms will help you find the ideal acquisition, partner, or buyers (for investors and mining corporates) [Twitter thread unrolled]

How to identify acquisition opportunities?

Mining projects often change hands between exploration and production.

This is due to the industry’s long life cycle and market swings.

Here’s a list of platforms that help companies, investors and vendors complete transactions:

🎯 Mines Online

Investors can browse for free, while vendors pay a 5% success fee or a negotiated upfront posting fee.

Backed by @ArgonautLimited


🎯 Global Data

They gather publicly available data (32,000+ Mines and projects dating back to 2010).

Investors can request a demo of the platform and discuss pricing.

🎯 Digbee

@digbee collects publicly available data using proprietary AI and provides an ESG scoring framework.

Data can be accessed for free, while companies must register and pay a fee to get assessed and receive an ESG score.

🎯 Mineral Intelligence

Investors search among available listings.

Free for vendors, investors pay a subscription (not listed).

🎯 Mineral Project Source

Another listing platform.

Vendors and buyers pay a subscription fee. There’s no success fee.

By @geomarvel

🎯 SearchSpace GEO

@SearchSpaceGeo collects publicly available project information.

Vendors can claim existing listings for a subscription fee. Investors can browse for free.

Mostly North American listings.

🎯 Prospector

Investors get a subscription to access @ProspectorAI over 10,000 mining projects and companies, including 43101 reports, powered by AI.

Listed companies can pay an advertising fee to be highlighted.

🎯 GoldDiscovery

This one has just gone on beta. A bit similar to Global Data, so far.

Investors can sign up for a free account.

🎯 Mineral Opportunities

If you’re based in Chile, you may want to try a local solution. Vendors pay a fee to list and complete a transaction.

And that’s a wrap!

Transactions are hard work but highly rewarding. We love working with clients and partners in that space, both sell and buy-side.

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Originally tweeted by Paola Rojas 🐝 (@paola_rojas) on October 18, 2022.

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