It’s a miracle… I’m in Perth!

After almost five years of living in Australia, I’ve finally made it to Perth. I’ve been sort of avoiding the city (it’s a long story… and I need to protect the not-so-innocent so I won’t say more!) but here I am, and now if it’s the right time. So far it looks to me as very pretty, orderly and quiet city, with friendly people all over. And, as one of its tallest buildings (3rd, actually) sports South32’s logo, it is strong evidence of the preeminence of mining in its economy.

But I digress. Tomorrow morning, bright and early, the Latin America Down Under Conference kicks off (check out the program here, you can still register if you happen to be near). It’s organized by Paydirt since 2012, first in Sydney and now, here. There’s a lithium panel, presentations from authorities from most countries in the region and a few companies operating there. I’m looking forward to seeing how the renewed investor interest in the sector and developments in several countries, particularly Argentina (who, me?? Interested in Argentina??) are viewed by these players.

It will be a good one, I’m certain. If you are here, let’s chat!


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