Are you watching Billions? -no spoilers!-

I got hooked on this show quickly after it was released on Stan (for the non-Aussie readers, a local Netflix). It is quite a dark show at times, but if you are into finance and investment, you will definitely enjoy watching this fast paced story of a hot-shot, hedge fund mogul, who basically thinks everything is fair game -even when a crime- and a US attorney that, well, feels the same way.

The characters are quite deep and colorful, at times weird. Power is the connecting thread for it all, I think. The second season has plenty of surprises, a unique new character, and builds on what we learned on the first quite nicely. I really recommend it.


I saw buses with “Billions” ads all over the place in my trip to LA this March. Apparently at least part of the show is filmed in a studio near Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills (if we believe the tour guide!).

Until next time 👍🏻


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