Tony Robbins, hot coals and being in “peak state”

Last year I attended one of Tony Robbins’ events in Sydney, “Unleash the Power Within” or UPW for short. It was truly a transforming experience. 4 intense days of insane energy and discovering a new side of myself. I was blown away by the amazing energy that we were all experiencing. My father had just died and I was feeling quite sad so I really needed to find a way to pick myself up. I was in for a treat!

Coaches like Tony aim to get you to achieve your best possible performance level -the so-called peak state- so that you can succeed in whatever your field or goal is; to push you past your fears, and resistance so that you can rise up and transcend. Up until then I never thought much about coaches but I have to say I am a convert now. After seeing your coach -whether you see them regularly or every now and then, whether you can go to live events, personal meetings or even a book or video- you must be able to get yourself back up whenever something brings doubt. Using more than one sense at a time is a clever way to achieve this, and Tony has a few tricks -priming, visualizing, sharing with others, hugs, music, jumping, to name a few-.

The event included a firewalk (that is walking on top of hot coals… I know!). I honestly didn’t realise it did until a couple of days before. I was sure I wouldn’t go through with it, as it seemed impossible, risky, painful, and many other not-so-nice adjectives, and I couldn’t see what the advantage of doing it was – but signed the release and handed it in, as you had to in order get in. To my surprise, after what went on during the seminar, I decided to do it. I even convinced by UPW mate, Brad. It was scary but at the same time I thought “well, if I can do this, then I can do anything” and “all that I want to achieve in my life is beyond those hot coals”. So I went for it! The feeling after reaching the other side was amazing – a sense of empowerment I never felt before. And my feet had no issue at all with the heat, go figure!


Beeming with pride after walking over coals

After the event everything has been moving so fast, I find it hard to believe that it has only been 9 months. Every day feels like another goal achieved and I am so excited to see the bigger goals becoming a reality too. At work business is booming like never before, we are growing rapidly and personally, there have been many lovely changes too, including becoming an Australian citizen just a few days ago.

I think the main thing I took out of this is this

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, it is outside of your comfort zone, past your fears and waving at you, with a big smile from your truest place, that place in your soul where you know how amazing you are and that anything you can dream, you can achieve


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I’m Paola Rojas. I write about emerging startups and small-cap stocks, in natural resources (mostly mining) & tech. I am a corporate advisor & investor, and CEO @ Synergy Resource Capital. 


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