Resilience in the age of covid-19

I’ve been thinking a lot about how everyone copes with emergencies like the one we’re amidst, and how resilient we can be in the face of adversity. Some of us feel the need to retreat and think about things until we can come up a strategy, others quickly adjust and evolve. No pathway is right or wrong, we’re all doing the best we can with what we have at our disposal, in terms of resources -physical, emotional and so on-.

How does this coping mechanism manifest on businesses out there, and particularly on start ups and small caps? In the end, a business is mainly the reflection of its culture, and the soul of its leaders and team members. When the team is small, as in most small firms, the outlook of one person can have a massive impact.

After working most of my career with these types of companies, I do believe they are extremely resilient. Many of them, even when they have become stable, remain flexible, quick to react and humble. Their teams are cohesive and band together in adversity with a sense of camaraderie instead of one of competition.

This is a great opportunity to be creative and find a way to respond to this world’s needs in the “new normal” we will likely experience over the coming months. The crisis will pass eventually, and we’ll get back. But I do think we need to be better when we do. Massive chance to grow.

Have you find a way to adapt, evolve, and create some new opportunities for your business?

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