Malbec and a little taste of home is all it takes to warm the heart of an expat

Salud amigos! It’s been almost 20 months since I’ve been to Argentina, and visited my family. I normally go 1-3 times a year but with the pandemic that has well, changed… I hope I get to go soon. Life as a self appointment expat, huh 🤔

Having a bit of home here in Sydney feels like a godsend. This 2017 Malbec from @catenawines was amazing, and available at a Woollahra bottle shop!! Catena Zapata is a winery from Mendoza, the city in western Argentina where I lived for about 14 years, until 2012. It’s a beautiful city set right by the Andes, and in winter, the view of those tall snowy mountains is mesmerising. Being terribly dry (~200mm annual precipitation) makes it perfect for growing vines so there are many wineries; last I heard there were over 500. Catena is one of the most well recognised and popular.

When you decide to move away to another country you will always have two homes (or more!). Even if you are incredibly happy where you are, you’ll always miss the bits of you that were left behind. So I’m very thankful for this piece of home.

Who loves Malbec too??? Which one is your favorite? ❤️🍷🇦🇷 🇦🇺

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I’m Paola Rojas. I write about emerging startups and small-cap stocks, in natural resources (mostly mining) & tech. I am a corporate advisor & investor, and CEO @ Synergy Resource Capital. 


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