Here are 10 tips for CEOs to elevate your pitch deck and get you closer to the investment you seek

I’ve reviewed thousands of presentations over the last 15 years. Here are my 10 tips to elevate your deck and get you closer to the investment you seek:

1. Keep it under 20 slides (excluding appendices).

Normally, you need at least 1-minute per slide. Your aim is to pike enough interest to generate questions but if you take too long, there won’t be time.
No questions = low engagement/chance of converting

2. And… keep it snappy

In most #investor meetings, you have ~20 minutes to make your case. Whatever you say, make sure you leave time for questions. It’s a crucial part; you may not get the investment but you may get feedback that can help you get polish your presentation.

3. Always have a summary slide (at the start or end)

For you: use it as a roadmap, so it keeps you focused, and helps avoid terribly lengthy presentations
For your audience: reinforces what you’ve just covered/are about to cover, and helps nudge questions so you can clarify

4. Have a killer cover like Black Cat Syndicate Limited

Catch your viewer’s attention from the get-go with an eye-catching cover slide. Don’t take that first impression for granted!
Both your branding & tagline should be working together to intrigue and set the stage for your pitch.

5. Have 2 versions of your presentation

One that can stand on its own, if you need to send it in advance to get that meeting, and another that you’ll use to pitch that has less text and more graphics, because you’ll bring it to life, and work your magic

6. If actively raising, include a use of funds slide

Be prepared to state clearly & in detail what you’ll use the capital you are seeking, if successful, and to answer questions about it.

You can also offer the breakdown in an appendix or dedicated data room if extensive/sensitive like AbraSilver Resource Corp.

7. Use #branding & visuals to your advantage

Make sure your branding -however simple or complex- is consistent throughout the presentation, and that you are using photos, charts & other relevant visual aids.

Good design grabs investors’ attention! Like Infinitum Copper (TSXV:INFI | OTCQB:INUMF)

8. Know your audience

If your biz is highly technical (say #mining#tech), when presenting always ask beforehand if any specialists will join. Then you can go super deep with details -geek away!-, but also prepare to go general and focus on outcomes & potential, if not

9. Genuine beats stuffy

When getting started with a new iteration, practice out loud to appear polished yet natural. Written & spoken language differ, so practising will prevent sounding tense or getting distracted saying things you’d never say in your normal communication style

10. If your venture has an interesting start/backstory, include it

-How did you stumble upon this path?
-What relevant parties were involved?
-Are/were there any side initiatives that contributed?
-Storify it, if possible 🕮

Ties strongly with your WHY. And it matters!

And that’s 10! Do you have any other tips?

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