Lithium keeps rising, but guess who’s coming along for the ride? Graphite.

As the lithium thesis becomes mainstream, other commodities that play a role in the energy transition are gaining ground. Graphite tops the list.

📊 Bloomberg Markets

Graphite is the largest component of li-ion batteries by volume, as it is most of the anode in an NMC chemistry.

📊 S&P Global Market Intelligence

Time to ponder an allocation, I’d say. You can’t make batteries if you don’t have access to raw materials.

For exposure, you may consider:

🔹 Northern Graphite Corporation | NGC
🔹 Graphite One Inc. | GPH
🔹 Leading Edge Materials Corp. | LEM
🔹 Nouveau Monde Graphite Inc. | NOU

Got any positions?

Graphite is a naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon. It is a native element mineral found in metamorphic and igneous rocks.

Keen to dig deeper? Here are some resources for you:

Want to see what I’ve been saying about it? From the serious to the funny and everything in between.

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Here’s the mineral in a nutshell:

📊 Royal Society of Chemistry

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